What to Keep What to Keep

I have read many horror stories about bettlees 2001 which seems ok now, but seems they are notorios for transmission problems.

1999 dodge durango,currently have one problem cruice control won’t work

aside from the obvious gas issues, if anyone can give me some advice I will know which one to sell or keep or sell both.!

I’d want to know much more about the mileage, history, and condition of both vehicles before making a suggestion.

DODGE HAS 102K v8,very nice except Cruise control does not work no body damage, replaced transmission
2001 beetle 133k miles,ok cosmetically but seems like all four lights are not staying on very nicely, some space between them. The trunk won’t open, but as far as mechanically no lights are on except needs new brake pads.some squeaks when I turn sharply,not sure if I should keep these or not or keep at least one? I appreciate advice

Personally, I’d bail out of both of these vehicles before the repair bills start piling up. If you HAVE to keep one, keep the Durango.

I never, EVER, thought I’d ever say “Keep the Dodge” to anyone, but if your option is a VW Beetle, keep the Dodge (but not for too much longer).

I have two words for you: Honda. Toyota.

If you do the required maintenance you can keep either of these brands for 250,000 - 300,000 miles.

If you do the required mantenance you can keep a Dodge that long too.

Unless you just love one of these cars, I’d sell both and start fresh. Neither has a stellar reliability rating and the Dodge is a gas hog. If I had to keep one it would be the Dodge, but be very careful about oil changes and maintenance. The late 90s Dodge V8s had some oil sludging issues which has caused both me and a friend to install rebuilt engines. Frequent oil changes should help.

thank you all, I have made the decision to bail on both of these. I appreciate your advice

The problem with “hearing” things is that you are generally only hearing 2% of the story. Failed transmission? Fault of the car or fault of the driver?
Some friends of mine who live just outside of town have a new Beetle (also an '01). amd while I don’t know how many miles they have on it at the moment, I will say they have been putting an average of 50-60 miles per day on it since they bought it new. It really gets driven hard.

Just about any car out there will got 250k miles easy if not abused. In spite of the bad rap they get, my old Sable was still running/driving well when I sold it a couple of years ago and it had 420k miles on it at that point.
Not too bad for a Ford Losermobile.

that is true, I have read horror stories on some beetles and some that people love, this vehicles seems to have been driving quite a bit and it mechanically feels great, although cosmetically things seem to fall off or not fit quite right (lights) and for the price it really is a nice drive, I need something to drive at least 750 miles straight when I travel,so this still may not be the best, but I think for around town it sure if fun to drive