1998 Dodge Dakota jumps when the steering wheel turns all the way to the right

When you turn the steering wheel all the way to right it jumps

Then don’t do that…

You need to explain more fully.

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Is this 4WD with the 4WD engaged?

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Holding the wheel against the stop puts a lot of pressure on the system and is a bad idea. Does this happen when the truck isn’t moving?

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How high does it jump :question:

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That might be it, he unknowingly bought a low rider with hydraulic lifts.


And it probably “jumps” when you turn it all the way to the left. Pretty much normal behavior.

Could be a worn out idler arm unless you have rack and pinion.

Is it 4x4 and does it do it sitting still or rolling? If sitting steel, ball joint control arm bushings tie rod end or wheel/hub bearing…if while only rolling CV or Ujoint in front end most likely…are you running oversize tires? Are they hitting frame or fender when turned in that direction