FORD 4x4 Woes

I have a 2006 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4. The issue is when the 4WD is engaged at any time, I can’t turn more than about 15 degrees before the steering gets tight and the vehicle begins to lurch and pull. On one occasion I tried to turn the vehicle for a “normal” turn (about 90 degrees0 and the truck did not move. I had to disengage the 4WD to complete the turn.

Any advice on the detail of what the issue may be, and possible remedies would be helpful.

Sounds like a CV joint problem.
The truck needs to be up on a hoist while testing to prove it.

You’re not trying to use the four wheel drive on pavement or anything are you?

Only on snow/ice covered pavement for a little extra grip.

What you describe is the typical test for determining whether 4WD is actually working, and whether your limited slip differentials are working. Based on your description, you pass!

Turn off 4WD except in situations when you actually need it. I think you will find it turns OK but not great in 4WD on grass or dirt.

If your 4WD is anything like the 4WD on F-250 Super Duty be aware that the vehicle has to move 5 or 10 feet forward after activating the 4WD switch before things click in place. If you get stuck in 2WD then you are stuck.

Yeah it does seem to work and engage, but it seems a bit off to me that my steering is so limited in snow (more than 8 inches) and/or ice. Admittedly this is my first 4WD vehicle…and I am not sure what my expectations should be, but steering easily was not one of things I thought I would need to worry too much about. I think I’ll spend a few bucks and have it looked at, if only to allay any concerns I have. I want to offer my thanks for your comment. It is very much appreciated.