1998 Dodge Car Alarm Fob Doesn't Work - Neighbors hate me

I have 1998 Dodge Stratus with an aftermarket alarm system. I bought the car used years ago and never received paperwork on the alarm system. The fob light will blink/new battery but the message never seems to reach the alarm. I’m not aware of a switch under the dashboard. The alarm has been going off as I’ve tried different things (turning car on/off, hitting small button on dash that blinks blue and then turning car on/off). I took out the only fuse that seemed like it might be connected. Is the alarm connected to the battery? How would I disconnect the battery so the alarm won’t sound while I look for the switch under the dash or if I need to have towed to car toy?

You can remove the negative battery cable to isolate the battery. The alarm may go off when the battery is reconnected. Pulling fuse #8 should disable the horns but you will need to put in back in to start the car.

Thanks for the reply. I set alarm off this morning, I pulled fuse #8 and that didn’t do anything. I looked for the infamous switch under the dash and there is nothing to be seen. This time the alarm beeped for a much shorter time than the last few times. I tried the fob again and successfully turned off the alarm. I went to Car Toys and they said it would be $80 to remove the alarm. What is the likelihood that if I remove the fob from my keys and don’t set the alarm, that the alarm won’t go off on its own? I feel like there should be some line that could be disengaged or severed to “kill” the alarm instead of paying $80. Any thoughts?

Not positive, but your alarm is probably only armed when you lock the car with your key fob.

Try locking it -shudder-manually & see what it does.

There may be a seperate horn for the alarm system or the installer bypassed the power to the horns.