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1998 CVPI P71 Help

guys need a little help with this car, I just purchased it and to find a couple of things.

1. when I give it gas, it seems to jump and jerk when I’m accelerating. How do I know if it’s the tranmission or the fule filter/ pistions are mis-firing??

2. My headlights are so cloudy, I can buy I new pair from ebay for about $70, how hard are they to install?

3. I have rust on the right and left front quarter panels , is this something that maaco could take care of for cheap? Or should I just find replacement panels?

thanks guys…

  1. These symptoms on a Ford are often caused by unmetered air getting into the engine, in other words, a vacuum leak. There is a vacuum tee on the back of your intake manifold. These frequently go bad on these cars, rotting out and disintegrating, so you should check that out first. This is one of many different things that could cause such a driveability problem, so it is just a suggestion, but it is a likely suspect.

  2. Headlight buckets are usually pretty easy to install with basic hand tools. I have never done them on a Crown Vic, but pretty much anything is easy on a Crown Vic.

  3. Rust on the fenders is common on a car of this age and purely a cosmetic concern. You could take it to a body shop to find out what they suggest doing about it and what it would cost to fix it. Cost to fix it will likely be closing in on or exceeding the value of the car. Maaco could probably do something with it cheap, but if you let them do anything with your car, keep in mind the caveat that you get what you pay for. They are not known for quality workmanship; they are known for shooting a coat of paint on a car really fast for a really cheap price for someone who wants a different color car.