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1998 Chrysler Sebring

My 98 Chrysler sebring has a fast idle at about 1500, occasionally dies but will restart, and has been making the garage smell like gas. Cant seem to figure out the problem. Any answers help, thanks!

Is the Check Engine light on?


Yes it is, but I cant find my code reader

Well? You better find it because it could pin-point the cause of the rich condition.


You shouldn’t need a code reader to get the basic codes on a Chrysler vehicle. Turn the ignition on-off-on-off-on in quick succession. (do not start the car, only turn it to run when you do this) The engine light will blink the codes to you. For example, code 1234 would be a short blink, pause, two short blinks, pause 3 short blinks, etc. There is a longer pause between separate codes. Some models with a digital odometer may display the codes on the odometer display instead of blinking the engine light.

Post back when you have the codes.