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1997 Chrysler Sebring "service engine soon" warning

What to about a “service engine soon” showing for the 3rd time. My machinais has been unable to find anything after 2 trials, the last one overnight.

You clearly need to find better mechanics.

I won’t even guess what might be the problem since you didn’t tell me anything about the car except that it is a 97 Sebring nor did you post the codes that are setting the check engine light.

My car is a SEBRING convertible JXi - 2.5L V6 (153CI) VIN (H)with 86,000 miles. I have driven it for 20 years and, since I am 85 years old, hope to keep it until I stop driving. I made an appointment at the Chrysler dealer for to-morrow (probably a mistake) to see if they can interpret the codes better. The only repair suggested by my mechanic is the replacement of the engine/transmission mounds that are cracked and separated, an expensive but not immediately needed.

Chrysler build two different Sebrings, the 4 door model had Chrysler 4 cyl 2.4 and 6 cyl 2.7 engine both of Chrysler design.

The 2 dr coupe and convertible were Mirsubishi designs with different chassis and 2.4 , 4 cyl and 2,5 six cyl engines.

I can’t finf an owner manual for yours, but if memory serves me correctly, your check engine or mil area symbol of an engine outline.

If yours is actually the words “service engine soon” it just means it has been too many miles since someone reset the light after an oil change, or maybe they didn’t reset the light. I don’t remember the procedure but the Chrysler dealer should and it should be in your owners manual.

Thank you oldtimer_11. I still have the manual, as I am the original owner. Have the car for 20 years. So, hopefully the Chrysler dealer will know how to reset the light.

Try watching this YouTube video Chrysler Service Engine Light Reset. It’s only 40 seconds. You light is connected to the odometer and goes on when you reach certain milestone readings. It’s not an emergency light, it’s a service reminder.


an orange “service engine soon” light IS the check engine light

Not on this car, the check engine light on this is an orange engine outline. I have owned several Chrysler products where the service engine soon light comes on every 5000 miles after being reset as an oil change reminder. My last one was a 2004 PT Cruiser.

I have a very specific question regarding this Chrysler

Is this “service engine light” orange?

Had an old Dodge Van (late 80’s? Early 90’s?) that popped up a red Service Engine Soon light. It was a timed reminder, linked to a sensor on the speedo cable. When the van hit 85,000 miles, the light went on, and the only way to make it go off was to replace the sensor on the speedo cable.

The owners manual is how I figured this oddity out.