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1998 Cadillac Catera - no power on fuel pump fuse

no power on the fuel pump fuse, relays are good

I’ll admit I don’t know much about it but you need a schematic to see what’s in the circuit but isn’t it direct power to the fuse panel? At any rate when turning the switch, the computer powers up the pump for a few seconds then shuts down if there is a no start. Also the oil pressure sensor has a second set of contacts that will disable the pump if pressure is lost. Others that know more about it may disagree, but can you provide more info?

Most power train computers will not power up the fuel pump unless they detect the engine is turning. A failed crank sensor could be the problem.


You’re nearly correct, George

If the pcm doesn’t soon detect a signal from the ckp sensor, then the fuel pump will be de-energized

But if you just turn the key to on position, the fuel pump WILL be briefly energized


Not saying it doesn’t normally occur w/ OP’s vehicle, but that doesn’t happen on my Corolla or my prior VW Rabbit.