1998 BMW M3 Convertible Back in the shop..Again

I drive a 1998 BMW M3 convertible. I just had my brakes replaced, and soon after (about a week) I started to experience a shuddering in my car. It has progressively become more noticeable, and is at its worst above 40 mph. Above 40 mph, its to the point where my steering wheel rocks left and right, and everything in my car rattles. Additionally, when I throw my car into reverse, it has begun to emit a high pitched whining sound, which typically stops when I put it back in drive (and has lasted an additional 20 or seconds a couple times). All of the mechanics who have been reviewed as “reliable” in my area do not work on BMW’s. Do you have any tips about what I should be looking into first? I need to have my car running smoothly in 2 weeks to drive home for my mother’s birthday. Thanks you guys!

Big deal on your car is ball joint failure, now I have never put ball joints in an e-36 M3 so perhaps they are more “robust” than the standard models but I have put hundreds in the base model e-36’s. You are going to have to help a bit with the whine, can we rule out transmission and differential suspects?.

More likely than ball joints I suspect an issue with a tire, you are not real clear if the shuddering is a engine issue or a “rolling stock” issue, you need to help out more here.