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1998 Acura RL just shut off while entering garage


My 1998 Acira RL just shut off while entering the garage. The engine shut off, and the battery and engine lights remained on. An attempt to restart the car without taking the key out of the ignition did not work (no sound). Taking the key out of the ignition and restarting it worked like normal.

Occasionally the car makes a loud sound right after starting, which resembled a cross between a honk and a grinding sound. I’m not sure if this is related.

Any idea on the source of this issue would be appreciated. I would rather the car not stop mid-drive on a busy street or the highway.

Thank you,


A convulsive scenario at best, sometimes dying batteies do strange things, many auto parts stores in some states will test them for free.

Some Honda models of that era have a history of bad ignition switches. Since your Acura may well use the same parts as other cars made by Honda, I would suggest that you begin the diagnostic process by looking at the ignition switch.

Thanks for your replies! I will look into these possibilities.