1998-2000 Mercury Sables


Does anyone know if these cars EVER had a V8 option? I know the Taurus did…and i believe i remember driving at V8 Sable during this time frame. thanks!


The Sables did not have a V-8 option, and if this is another post in regards to smoking the rear tires then it was not a Sable doing it. They’re front drive vehicles.


thanks for the speedy reply… and thanks again for point out my error in memory… it must have just been a super hot V6!


Those vehicles do run pretty perky for a somewhat heavy car being powered by a V-6. The first time I drove a Sable (back in 87 and they were a fairly new thing) the 3.0 surprised me a bit too.
It was a wagon and I was expecting a real garden slug, but it ran out pretty well.


Taurus SHO has the V8 option. I have heard lots of horror stories about that engine/might have been because of those driving them. Anyone have first hand experience?


A friend of my son had a Taurus with the V-8 I believe, and drove it for a long time but he was not a guy with a heavy foot.

I think the problem with the V-8 option at the time was the price. My memory is real fuzzy on this, but I think the 8 option was very high priced; maybe in the 3-4k dollar range. Not many people would go for that considering the HP was not THAT much greater than the 6.

They may also have a problem with the V-8 causing excessive torque steer when the engine was being hammered hard.
I was thinking a magazine article I read a few years back was talking about GM dropping an LS1 into a front drive Impala just to see what would happen. The torque steer was bad enough to make the car unsafe.