1997 Toyota RAV4 struts and "wingnut" question

Thinking about what i might do with a broken front left strut; and should i replace both fronts. or just the broken one…or all 4…they’ve never been done…
2 used front ones from my local wrecker will cost $100 apiece, coming from a same year, same model vehicle whose odometer reads 169km (hard to believe)…
Mine has 440km, burning a bit of black. on my third clutch, oh, and i run 215-70R-16’s winter tires( made in Russia but purchased in your country), on all four wheels…i guess the best question i can ask is can i get through another “pot hole” season without serious damage to steering linkage, including the wingnut behind the wheel?..

Rock Auto has the struts alone for under $40 @, They also have struts with mounts and for $140@ they have complete assemblies that include the springs. Are your shock towers and lower mount in good enough shape to support them?

As far as surviving the winter without doing anything, it is only a week till spring.

Time for a new Rav, about a 2016 or newer. Best to get rid of that one while the floorboards are still off the ground. Seriously, the newer ones are great.

Why in the world would you buy Russian made tires from Paraguay, and how do you know that is my country? Shipping must have been a bunch.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: