1997 Nissan Maxima Mass Air Flow Sensor

I’ve been having some hesitation going uphill. Research says mass air flow sensor. Got a replacement off Ebay, put it in, and it won’t accelerate uphill. Put the old one back in, still get the hesitation, but it accelerates uphill. The gasket is pretty toasted, but I don’t think that’s the problem

You do realize the gasket is there for a reason?


Accelerating uphill stresses the fuel system, exhaust system, and the air/fuel mixture system. Where to start, hard to say. But I wouldn’t usually start by replacing the MAF unless a fuel-trim measurement indicated a problem with the air/fuel system. Besides checking for diagnostic codes I’d start with an intake manifold vacuum check for exhaust obstructions and a fuel pressure test (during acceleration) for fuel system problems. EGR problems could be involved too, so I’d do a basic EGR system check. On a 97, I’m guessing you may have an exhaust obstruction problem. The replacement MAF was probably faulty out of the box.

Does the error code the car throws indicate MAF?

Based on your experience with that part, maybe Ebay isn’t the best place to buy parts like this. Many are poor copies of the real thing, not replacements.

Let’s look at things from a different perspective . . .

maybe the maf wasn’t the problem in the first place

maybe Allan is better off leaving the research to the mechanic who’s going to get paid to properly diagnose and repair the car

Unless Allan’s “research” included use of a decent scanner and/or dmm, I’m going to guess that the research was a google search, or something similar . . . unless he gives us a lot more details

using the shotgun approach to fix cars can get real expensive, real fast

Sometimes it’s cheaper to avoid that scenario and bring the car to a reputable repair shop

no offense intended, Allan

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