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2007 Honda Fit Mass Air Flow Sensor Location/Issues

Hey yall, newbie here so any help/advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

I did some research already and I’m like 85% confident that my 2007 Honda Fit (Sport)'s Mass Air Flow sensor is acting up.

I notice symptoms like: “kicking” engine at higher speeds, lack of acceleration at lower speeds, sometimes engine dies when idle at stoplight (but it works when i turn on my car again), etc.

So I have 2 main questions:

  1. Where is the mass airflow sensor located in my Honda Fit? I tried Googling for it but I can’t seem to find a picture or a description… I opened my car’s hood already but couldn’t find it anywhere…
  2. When I find it, how can I tell if it’s simply dirty and needs to be cleaned/sprayed OR if it’s a deeper malfunction? (should I just try to clean it and then if it still is acting up then take it to the shop?)

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

I would replace the 4 coil packs instead. This model year is known for that,same symptoms as you mentioned in your post.

Replace coil packs. I have a 2008 Sport and need to replace them every 80k miles.

Maybe this helps:

I would clean the MAF first. It almost doesn’t cost anything, except an hour of your time, before replacing coil packs. Many times you can’t tell whether it is dirty or not because it may be covered with fine particles.

So did anybody state where exactly is the MAF sensor? Trying to locate it on this 08 fit I have.