1997 neon 2.0 SOHC

i bought a 97 neon that wont seem to start. i had it running for about ten minutes, letting it warm up, and when i tried to take off i got about ten feet and it crapped out. started it back up, no problem, went to take off, died. starter and fuel pump are working but it still wont fire up put brand new battery in, did the timing, put a new timing belt on, still wont fire. any suggestions??q

It could be any of 100 different problems. What do the trouble codes reveal? Get an OBDII code reader, read the codes, and report back here.

but it still wont fire up

…but you’ve stated that it has started every time. You were describing a “running/stalling” problem and not a “starting” problem.

So, which is it?

Did this problem show up right after the timing belt replacement. If it did then I suspect that the timing belt is off a notch or two. When you install the belt you have to rotate the engine by hand (DO NOT USE THE STARTER) to check the timing marks. It has to be turned in the normal rotation only. When the belt is out of time by a notch or two it can start and idle but will die as soon as the driveline load is applied (transmission in gear).

in this order…did the timing, replaced timing belt, fired up, ran ten feet died, started up without problems ran ten feet again and died. put brand new battery in, replaced and checked all fuses and plugs and wires still wont start. its trying to fire up can hear the fuel pump kick on and the starter is strong.