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1997 Mitsubishi Diamante Timing Belt

Car has 47K miles only. Dealer says change belt (3years ago!) but owners’ manual says 100K miles - no mention of time. Do I enrich the dealer or just keep driving?

You can keep driving until the belt breaks if you want to.
Time IS an issue no matter what the manual says. Owners manuals are woefully inadequate and the reason for that is that the car makers want you to be under the impression their vehicle needs as little maintenance as possible. It’s PR, nothing more.

That belt, and more than likely the entire car, was built in 1996. This means the belt is 12 years old (at least) and it should have been changed about 6 years ago, not 3.

11.5 year old belt (NOT GOOD) change it.

or I can E-MAIL you a few good shoe store addresses .(lmao!)


good luck

If that is an original belt you must have been living right. Don’t push it any longer.