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Timing Belt!

I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander with 117,000 miles and have never replaced the timing belt. ($650.00 estimate) Am I living on borrowed time? Should I get it done NOW? Is there any way to tell that it’s ABOUT to go, before it actually happens and destroys the engine??

Always service the timing belt at the recommended interval the manufacturer provides. Especially if the engine is an interference engine like yours is. There’s no way to determine if a timing belt is ready to fail.

That $650.00 estimate to replace the timing belt will sound real cheap compared to if the timing belt fails, and you’re handed an estimate of up to $4000,00 to repair the engine damage.


The timing belt interval for whatever silly reason is 60k on Mits. So you almost doubled it. So what do you think?

A dozen or more Mitsubishis have shown up at my door with tossed timing belts and 100% of them had internal damage. Some were trashed beyond repair.

Thanks for the input- I’m on my way to the dealer, which 75 wilderness miles away…wish me luck!

Wilderness miles? Where u at? Id look into doing it yourself. Thats what we tend to do if we live in the wilderness. Would be a fun and interesting/learning project