1997 Mazda 4 DR Sedan - Air Conditiong-Heater/Over Heating

What can/should I do: I have had the radiator replaced and not had a/c-heat work consistently and car overheating. Works for a day or two after going back to the repair shop, but notice fluid leaking under car. 4 times in the mechanic said was the secret. I am heading in again next week. What tires do I have to stand on?

Why would you be going back to the same shop? Time for someone who has a clue.

Well, I guess the same ol’ reason we all do–to get what I paid for. If there is another way to go about it, I am open. Are you suggesting I pay another thousand dollars out? Then go back to the original folks and ask them to make good? What? P.S. Thanks for even responding.

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