Car no heat... Yet overheating? :S HELP!

Hi guys… Never been on a forum site before but I have nothing to loose and and getting frustrated with my stupid car… It’s a 2005 Hyandai XG350 (I know, crappy, I didnt buy it, my husband did- who knows nothing about cars) Last summer it was over heating so we replaced the thermostat, Im gonna say in maybe August or so… It fixed the problem so we thought great we solved it… but just about a week ago it’s started having no heat, just blowing freezing cold air at me on my entire drive to work (which is only about 15 mins, but it’s Canada, and it’s DAMN cold here right now)… So for the first 10 mins of the drive it blows cold air as the temp slowly rises until it gets into the red (not good, I know) and then it sits at red for about a minute and then FINALLY starts blowing warm(ish) air. The temp then slowly starts going back down and sits right at under half where it should be! We are both college students with shitty jobs right now and cannot afford to take it into a garage. Does anyone have any ideas that we might be able to try? It still runs so for now I can just live with the cold… but would be nice to know if there might be an easy fix?

Not to be too obvious, but did you put anti-freeze back in it? This sounds like there’s just too much water in the mix, and it’s freezing solid in the coldest places (the hoses).

My kid bought a 07 car w/60k miles last fall. Owned by mechanic. I changed the coolant last week. I wondered if it was new? Or original? Thankfully the radiator drain plug worked as designed and did not break off. Fairly easy job.

welcome to the site. you will have to look to see if the heater core is plugged due to age and corrosion. another idea would be if you somehow have a reduction in flow due to bad thermostat. check both out and report back.

find a friend that is somewhat mechanical and can diagnose the issue quicker.

You can but one of these at the auto parts store and check at what temperature the coolant is good for.

if it is not at a strong enough mix, just drain some out and add straight coolant, not the 50/50 blend pre mixed stuff.


Thanks guys! Will have my dad check all of these things tonight! He’s not a mechanic but pretty good with these types of things… Good to know I now have some things to check :slight_smile: