1997 lincoln Mark VIII problem

I have a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII. The other day my wife was driving it home from work…I got the call…car is bucking and jumping and wont go over 40mph and i smell a mechanical type smell in car. I get there and started the car up…did not detect or smell anything…proceeded to drive the car home…got about 15 miles and it started doing what my wife had described. on one occassion after it stalled and i tried to restart it…it would not go in gear. (Automatic console)I called triple A at that point. after about 15 minutes…while waiting…I tried to restart…it starts right up goes in gear and off I go…yes…i called and cancelled the triple A call. Got it home and now she sits in driveway daring me to drive somewhere. What do you think could be the problem.??



It would appear that your Lincoln is going into “limp home mode”. Its on board computer will do that so that you won’t harm the car while you limp home. Is there a “check engine light” that has come on or is (God forbid) flashing? If so, get it scanned for free at one of the large chain type parts stores like O’Reilly’s or Autozone. Post the code(s) they give you, and someone here may be able to figure it out.

Yes…The check engine light is on…I failed to mention that. I will see if i can get the code and post it. I am a little hesitant about taking it on a trip to the store right now thoough. I have a friend with a code scanner…I’ll try to get him to check it out.
Thank You!