Limp mode rx-7

Car in limp mode all the time. The car idles fine. But with the check engine light comes on when I shift to the second gear. It?s a 1991 Mazda RX -7 5 speed. I got the code off the computer and it?s a 01. Replaced all the items in the troubleshooting guide. No fix yet. HELP?HELP!!!

Just had to ask I thought “limp mode” was status that a automatic transmission went into when a transmission had a part failure(a VSS for example) Or maybe the RX-7 5 speed is a automatic transmission car. The OP did say he got the code. But a 5 speed automatic in 1991. Or is there a engine “limp mode” What is inhibited in “limp mode”

Are you sure the troubleshooting guide said, “Replace! Replace! Replace”? Or, did it say, “Check and test! Check and test! Check and test”? You troubleshoot CIRCUITS, of which PARTS are components of.

WHAT are the troubleshooting steps?

Limp mode is when the car only runs very slow. I mean slow. The car is a 1991 5-speed RX-7. When the check engine light come on. The car only runs in limp mode. The error code I keep getting is a 01. This error code says that there is a problem with the trailing spark on the car. Replaced all the list under the factory recommended check or replace. No solution so far. Help

Check and test! and that was done. Still having problems and still getting 01 error.

What items in the list have you replaced? This engine should run adequately on the leading spark system although the emissions will rise. Is the trailing spark occurring? Is it holding steady to its timing mark using a timing light? Is the leading spark also holding to its timing mark?

Curious about this system.

I don’t have the data on hand for your car; but, I still have 2 cents. The Mazda code 01 is for “ignition pulse” (no further details here).
The generic Mazda data is, “The ignition timing is advanced by vacuum at low speed, and by the centrifugal mechanism at higher speeds”. At first blush, this tells me that since the car won’t accelerate, the centrifugal advance may not be working. Have you adjusted the distributor and set timing? Have you put a timing light on it and checked this? That’s 2 cents, right?

What manual are you using? And whats the title to the trouble shooting guide your using? I want to try to come up with something for you.I have access to various manuals at school.