1997 Honda CR-V

Our car starts, then dies. It starts fine, then dies. This only happens in warm weather, which we have finally been experiencing in Northern Illinois. It eventually gets to the point where we can drive it, but then might die at a stop sign, or it can go the rest of the day and not have any difficulties. I know later models have timing chains, not belts. Does our car have a timing belt problem or maybe fuel pump? And why only in warm weather?

If it starts, then it’s not the timing belt. It could be fuel pump-related. Any check engine or warning lights on while the engine is running?

I agree with texases concerning the timing belt, and you do have a timing belt. When was the last time it was replaced? Also, how many miles on your CR-V? If it has been long than 7 years, it is due for replacement. And this is a different issue than the one you asked about.

It isn’t a timing belt problem. But I agree with JT that of it’s overdue it should be changed.

Often temp related problems are with electrical devices, particularly anything with a winding. That includes coils, relays, and in this case perhaps the IAC motor, which adjusts your idle.

The good news is that your vehicle has an OBDII (On Board Diagnostic) system that might have stored some helpful fault codes. Have it read at your shop of choice and post here. Many parts stores will scan the computer for free.

A throttle body full of soot or oily residue can cause this. Easy to clean yourself, cheap to have done.

You might also check the idle air control (IAC) valve.

Also, you should probably have the intake/exhaust valve clearances checked. First generation CRV engines such as yours have valves that can get put of adjustment and cause problems. usually manifested as a misfire/check engine light and/or damage to the cylinder head.


Try the fuel pump relay…Click and Clack mention it often on Hondas as a problem specifically in higher ambient temperatures. I’ve not yet had the issue on my 99 CR-V (250k).

I think this is the part you need: http://www.bernardiparts.com/products/39400-S10-003.aspx .
It’s item #13 in this drawing: http://estore.honda.com/honda/images/parts/catalogs/EA/13S1001/Estore/illustrations2/S103B1310D.png

Might also be able to get aftermarket: http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/search.oap?keyword=fuel+pump+relay&year=1997&make=Honda&model=CR-V&vi=1303221

As Click and Clack say, buy the new relay, then get under the dash and see if you can find the one that looks just like the new one you bought and you’re probably good. The drawing at the Honda link above gives and idea where to look too.

Hope this helps!

Thanks to all for your advice!