95 GMC Sonoma dies after 20 min

95 GMC Sonoma SLS 2.2L 5 speed distributorless ignition
Start cold, engine purrs, runs for 20-25 min, idling in drive, then dies as if you shut it off. All fluid levels correct. Will not restart until cools off. Have replaced: coils and ignition module, fuel pump and sending unit, ignition cylinder and ignition switch, oil pressure switch. Engine light does not come on. (bulb is not burnt, comes on when starting). Have checked all grounds. Any ideas?

What’s left that you could try? The computer, the cam angle sensor and the crank angle sensor seem to be all that is left and if you seem determined to find the problem with the trial and error method the crank sensor is the cheapest of the 3 choices.

Does it start with a shot of starting fluid? That is my easy test if it is electrical or fuel related. Fuel filter or pickup sock in the tank would be my first suspects.

Fuel Filter and pick up sock were replaced along with the sending unit and fuel pump. Vehicle varied with spark/no spark after running for 20 min and dying. Crank sensor was the problem, is idling as we speak and has been for 56 min so keep your fingers crossed. Red Knox, you were right on. Frustrated that it seemed I was throwing parts at it. Went and rented fuel tester and it showed fuel working fine right up until it died. This time had no spark, and went with the cheapest first. Replaced engine 18 months ago and installed all new sensors…go figure

If the crank sensor was easy to replace, you got lucky. The last two of those I replaced broke off in the block, necessitating the removal of the oil pan to push it out from inside the engine. Not a fun endeavor.

Maybe I got lucky because the engine was 18 mo old and installed all new sensors upon installation? Would have just cried had it broke off…