1997 Ford F150 won't start after losing power

So I have a '97 F150 and yesterday as I was driving, of a sudden my gas pedal easily pushed down but nothing happened and the truck shuttered slightly with very little power and then shut off. It restarted once, got weak power, moved a few feet then shut off again (could push gas pedal all the way down while still running but nothing). After that, it has not been able to start again. I was going about 30 when it happened. I got it towed back to the house.
Currently the battery is operating strongly and everything sounds normal when I turn the key to start but truck still doesn’t start.
Do you have any thoughts?

Is the check engine light on? What are the trouble codes? How many miles? What engine and transmission?We really need those first. Especially the codes. Any answer without that is a pure guess.

The very first thing you need to do is check if the engine is seized

use a 1/2" drive breaker bar with the appropriate size socket on the crankshaft pulley

Check engine light no. Don’t have codes. 199300 miles. 4.6 v8 automatic.

Measure the fuel pressure, the fuel pump may have failed.

Can hear fuel pump when I turn key to start. Fuel relay ground tests good with test light. Think it can be something else in fuel system? Dont have the pressure gauge yet