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1997 ford f-150 lariat pickup

I have a 97 f-150 4x4 pickup with an electrical issue with the power windows. They just stopped working. No blown fuses and have verified that I have 12 vdc on the light blue/red wire to the switch on the drivers door. Both windows are inoperative. Is there a hidden relay somewhere that I’m not seeing. Don’t have an owners manual but just bought a chiltons manual and the scumatic is not too bad but some of the component location such as relays are not listed.

Do they have a safety lock button that you pressed accidently?

Both the power windows are controlled thru the GEM or Generic Electronic Module. This is located under the left side of the dash at the relay/fuse box. Since both windows have stopped working, and these GEM’s have a reputation of failure on Fords, most likely that’s where the problem is.


Could the GEM also cause problems if just 1 window doesn’t work? I also have a 1997 F150 where the passenger window stopped working years ago. Then earlier this year it started working again for a few weeks and then stopped working again. Just wondering if it could be the same problem as the OP.

It could be, but it could also be wiring, a switch, the window motor, or the window regulator.

Thanks for your reply, maybe some day I’ll figure it out. I’m hoping it’s not something with the wiring as I actually tried taking a quick look at it this weekend and could see that chasing something like that is beyond my abilities.