1997 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2l | Power to the Fuel Pump but wont turn on

Im trying to get my truck to run again (1997 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2l) but one problem, Fuel Pump wont turn on. My Volt Meter is saying that i have power going to it but its not turning on. Fuel pump & Relay is fine. Just no power to the Fuel Pump to turn it on. We’ve tested just about everything and we still dont know what’s causing it to do this

You contradicted yourself… first you say you HAVE power to the pump, then you say there is NO power to the pump…

Which is it?

If there is power at the pump AND a good ground and the pump doesn’t run, the pump is bad. If there is power at the relay and no power at the pump AND a good ground at the pump, there is a broken wire between the relay and pump.


Yeah i kinda did there. But i fixed the problem by just moving 2 Relays from R5 & R6 to R8 & R9 and the Fuel Pump turned on. R5 & R6 is Fog Lamp/Dual Tank 1 & 2, which isnt needed for the Truck to run. But R8 & R9 is Trailer & Horn. Idk why the Fuel Pump is Connected to either R8 or R9. But My Problem is now Solved.

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The Automatic Shut Down relay (ASD) powers the fuel pump.

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The R8 Relay is for the Trailer in 96’ & 97’ 1500s but for the 94’ & 95’ its the ASD Relay. The R3 Relay for 96’ & 97’s is the ASD.