1997 Dodge 2500 turbo diesel - manual transmission

Why do I hear a clank when I am shift gears? Although I hear the clank after my truck warms and appears to be more noticeable when driving at high speeds, it is still noticeable when the truck is still relatively cool. Please HELP! How do I remedy the problem without having to leverage my first born and grandson?


Have you checked the condition of the drive shaft universal joints? A truck with this much mileage may have one or more failing. Also check the center support if you have one on this drive shaft.

Good luck.

No, I have not looked into the drive shaft u-joints. But, when I had it’s regular maintenance done on it about 2,000 miles ago, I was told my u-joints are ok. The truck has about 86,000.00, most of which has been open road and is well maintained, including lubed. . . . . I’ll check the u-joints and center support today. Any additional thoughts please?

Thanks for your reply.

One other thing to check on the drive shaft is the slip joint between the rear part of the drive shaft and the next u-joint. These can ‘catch-release’ if the lube has gotten old or corrosion has set in.