1997 Buick Park Avenue - Wiper motor bushing search

Unable to fine wiper motor bushings. The bushing that connects the wiper arm to the ball on the wiper motor needs to be replaced. Unable to find. Contacted mfg Dorman. They claim to never made replacements.



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Well that is very interesting. When I replaced my mechanism due to a failed bushing, I kept the old one just in case I needed to use the good ones yet. I think the whole thing was about $100 but I’ve never had a problem since with the replacement. What bothered me was it quit working in a rain storm with no warning.

Well yeah! Have you ever seen wipers quit on a bright sunny day when you’re not using them? :grinning:


I’m often able to find replacement bushings for small electrical motors here.

Well sure but I was 30 miles from home 10:00 at night. Didn’t really need them though.

Testers link was quite interesting. Guess the trick is proper description of the item.

I have gotten small trim parts from an auveco.com