Volvo engine problems

hi, i’ve got a '96 volvo 850glt - it’s a sedan. i’ve had tons of small problems, and about a year ago the transmission went out. as i live in chicago, there was no rush to have it repaired. well, i finally did take it into the shop, and ended up having it rebuilt.

unfortunately there are still some problems. when at low rpms - under 1.5k the engine wants to stutter and stall. it’s an intermittent problem, and usually not there at all, but when it is, it happens most often when i’m at a complete stop.

if i tap the gas pedal a bit, and get the rpms up, it’ll go just fine. sometimes though i can’t keep it from stalling - if that happens a few times in a row, it won’t start. but if i leave it for a while, it’s fine again. i should add, this is, of course, not a problem on the highway.

anyway, i’ve been told lots of conflicting things - fuel line, fuel filter, spark plugs (all by amateur mechanics). i have to admit i don’t know enough about cars to really have an idea, but i’m hoping to get an opinion!

ps sry for the long post. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have an Idle Air Control valve problem. This is a fairly common thing to happen. Cleaning or replacement is usually the answer.