1996 Toyota Previa - Black exhaust

96 Previa SC black exhaust and rough engine

Is the check engine light on? Offhand it sounds like the throttle body needs to be cleaned or possibly the timing is off.

Have someone check if the coolant temp sensor for the computer is bad.


Thanks Dave for the suggestion. I also think the EGR might need cleaning. Do you have any suggestions on how to clean or remove to clean?

Here’s a description of how to clean your vehicle’s EGR valve, courtesy of the folks at NAPA. http://knowhow.napaonline.com/clean-egr-valve/ If you were talking about the throttle body, the folks at Mobil have you covered. https://www.mobil.com/en/lubricants/for-personal-vehicles/auto-care/vehicle-maintenance/how-to-do-it-yourself/proper-throttle-body-cleaning-guide

Is the check engine light on?

I asked that yesterday. We still don’t have an answer.

Yes, the CEL is on, black exhaust & rough idle.

Okay then, the check engine light means the van has stored a code. Go to any shop or auto parts store and have the code read, that will tell you where to look. Post back with the result.

First thing to do is get the code read. It’ll give you a more definitive answer to what the problem could be.