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1996 Mazda 626 Idle system problems

When I rev the engine it momentarilly goes down to below normall idling speed (sometimes it completely shuts off)then goes up to normal idle. I have found that if I press the throtle too hard before it recover’s it always shuts off.

You’re going to have to fix your post before anyone can help you fix your car.

First, you’re going to be asking about something funny in how the car is running. So report the car’s mileage as well as all the info you have about the state of basic maintenance items. (E.g. lets hope those spark plugs haven’t been in there since '96). Also indicate whether or not you have any dash warning lights - such as a check engine light.

Second, I can’t tell what you’re saying because you’re saying that when you rev the engine it stumbles before it goes to normal idle - but it can’t be at idle if you’re revving it. Are you just saying that the engine stumbles for a bit when you first get on the throttle? Or are you saying that if you rev it up and then get off the throttle it will stall / almost stall when the revs come back down?