Car stops by it self

Mazda 6 2006 - when driving slow like before a round about or a curve often the car shuts down and needs to be restarted with the key. What could be the reason for this?

I don’t know your car specifically, but a faulty idle air control motor is sometimes behind this symptom. A dirty sticky throttle body, too.

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is your check engine light on? do you have any codes you can post?
does this happen all the time when you slow down? or just around curves?
also does it only happen when your low on gas?

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Bad ignition switch? A lotofkeys on the chain?

There are no fault codes but I noticed that when you slow down the idle drops very low and it seems inconsistent. It tries to raise the idle but it struggles so it’s a bit shaky. This primarily happens when you already driving and slowing down. Not when you start the car.

I can’t seem to find the IAC on my car??

I think it’s an automatic regulator, there doesen’t seem to be a IAC. Can’t find it on the Haynes manual either.

Are you not able to repair this yourself or just plan on throwing parts at the vehicle. You recently acquired this thing if from a dealer will they offer some help . Any decent shop ( where ever you are and I don’t think the US ) should be able to solve this problem before it stalls in front of a large truck.

A shop will probably be able to fix it easy but I’m trying to learn to fix things for my self.

Ok then, first off, you’ve no IAC. I’d suggest cleaning the throttle body first.

If that doesn’t fix it, come back and tell us which engine you have in this 6, the transmission and the miles on it.

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The electronic throttle body controls the idle.

There is no IAC valve.


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Some throttle bodies can be damaged by some cleaning solvents, so be careful what you use.

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