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'88 Mazda 626 stalling at idle

'88 626 keeps stalling at idle. I noticed it was starting to idle a little rough when I was stopping. Then it started to stall. So I changed the spark plugs, installed fuel filter and tried to clean the throttle body (w/o taking it off). All injectors are clicking. Still is stalling. What should I check next?

It’s a long story, but I once had an 89 626 (wonderful car BTW) that had idle problems due to some bizarre stuff done by a former owner. So I happen to know that there is very likely an idle adjust screw on top of the throttle body on your car. If a small adjustment evens out the idle and the idle speed is stable, well, that’s what the screw is there for.

Other than that, I’d check the vacuum. And check to make sure that the EGR valve isn’t sticking open.

OK, that gives me some fresh stuff to try out. Also I noticed the exhaust has a wierd smell. I know what rnning rich would smell like but I’m not sure what this is. Thanks.

whats the best way to check for vacuum leaks?