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1996 mazada protege. Transmissions needs to warm up before it will go

I have a 1996 mazada protege. 297,000 miles. Evert year this has gotten worse.
If you do not let it warm up 5 min or so, more on colder days, it goes very very slowly, until it warms up or get to the down hill about a 1/4 mile away. When I say slow i mean 15mph or so. The rpm also is up around 3500 when this happens. Fluid is good. This only happens in cold weather, like 40 degrees or lower. Almost like it is slipping

That’s what it’s called.

The clutches are slipping within the transmission and the vehicle won’t move even at high RPM’s.

The most common cause for this is hard/worn out seals in the transmission. The seals expand as they heat up, and the proper hydraulic pressure is produced and the transmission shifts normally.

Slipping is the death of a transmission.

So you’re going to be either replacing the transmission, or the vehicle.



Got it makes perfect sense. So best to make sure it is fully warmed up before driving. Anything to add to it that might help it last longer? The car will no long pass a pa inspection because of body rust. But I know a guy that will put a sticker on it. So I do not plan on putting a new transmission in it.

If anything might make the tranny last a little longer?

This stuff.

Just follow the directions on the bottle.


If your car will not pass PA inspection due to rust it is time to send it to the bone yard. Sure you can get a black market sticker and look legal but the car is dangerous to you and other drivers. The frame (unibody I assume) can break when you hit a mean PA pothole. I live in WPA and have seen some whoppers.

In an accident the body of the car crumples to absorb impact, if the body is compromised the car disintegrates and sends the impact directly to you instead of absorbing it. You will have a very bad day if that happens.


get rid of cell phone. drop cable tv. internet. stop smoking. no more booze. use the money on a newer car

Yes since my next car will be a tesla

Conspiracy to commit fraud? And endanger self and others? Are you sure you two want to go ahead with this plan?