1996 Jeep Starts missing after about 1 hour

I have a 1996 Jeep After I have driven it over 1 hour the engine starts to miss. I could be going 75 MPH and it starts up and I will be down to 35 in a few seconds. If I try to hit the gas I will almost stall out. I need to pull over and shut it off. Sometimes it goes pack to running fine other times it will miss and stuter the rest of the way. Never getting up over 55. When I get home and shut it off for the night, and start it in the morning it is fine. However it does not do it all the time. I’m thinking it may be the fuel Pump. The Fuel filter is new.

It could be the fuel pump; but, it could be something else. You don’t want to get into troubleshooting, do you? Another possibility is the ASD relay. It’s in the relay box under the hood (bonnet). Swap (exchange) it for the horn relay. They are usually the same.

I would add a possible ignition problem like a bad coil to Art's list.

it could be something as simple as water it the tank, try pouring some heat in there