1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport bubbly clank noise

Hi there. Recently, my Jeep has been giving me this bizarre noise, sounds/feels like it’s coming from the front center part of under the vehicle (meaning not necessarily an ENGINE sound) that sounds at slow speed like the oil can in Wizard of Oz. Sort of a liquid clanking pop noise. It’s repetetive, and when I apply pressure on the gas pedal it goes away, but while braking or coasting I hear it. At high speed it’s a rattle noise, but I can hear it gradually slow pace until it’s back to the wet, clunk/drip noise.

I have taken the car in for an inspection of the axle/shocks, etc because I initially thought a segment of the undercarriage cover (that cardboard-like thing that keeps stuff from bouncing up into the guts of the car) had been torn off and wedged up somewhere. They said that was all fine. I then had the transmission checked, because I have a slight trans fluid leak. They said the transmission system, aside from the leak, was all looking good. Got my oil changed the other day and the guy said “Everything looks fine but you have a leak coming from somewhere.”

If you look under the jeep, you can see the 2 box-like things in the center of the vehicle have liquid dripping from them, like they were sprayed with some kind of slime. It’s not a fast drip, but I can see it’s clearly covered in some kind of fluid. Is that the oil pan and something else? Sorry, I am not car-literate.