99 4WD Jeep Cherokee Classic Strange Clanking Sound


Every time I come to a stop and then accelerate again…there is the loudest clank that comes from the under carriage. I have no idea what it is …while it hasnt caused any disturbances in the performance of my Jeep, it has certainly gotten alot of attention from those who are nearby when it sounds.

Any ideas…anybody?


How many miles are on your Jeep? Initally this sounds like a universal joint.


[b]Have the exhaust system checked out.

On the wifes’ Cherokee, the exhaust pipe runs over the top of the cross support for the transmission. And there’s not much clearance between the pipe and cross support. Her’s started making a clanking noise from a stop when that pipe came in contact with the cross support.



about 135,000 miles.


What would they have to do to fix that if that is the case…is there some kind of support to hold the exhaust pipe up?


Sounds like you may have the infamous slip-yoke clunk.

The output yoke on the transfer case slides in-and-out of the tail housing of the case to prevent binding when the suspension is compressed.

Over time, the splines on the slip yoke can wear out and “stick”, what you hear is the yoke "breaking free? when you start and stop. (The rear suspension compresses when you accelerate and extends when you decelerate.)

To check this, remove the yoke and lube up the splines with some graphite grease. If the clunk goes away you have found your problem and likely need a new slip yoke to permanently fix the problem


[b]Hers was caused by a worn motor mount. When she accelerated from a stop, the engine would twist just enough for the pipe to bang into the top of the cross support. A new motor mount remedied that problem.