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1996 Chrysler LeBaron overheating at idle

I have a 1996 Chrysler LeBaron and when it idles it overheats so I did my research and I figured it could be the water pump I replace the water pump and during that process I had to disconnect the timing beltthen put the water pump onand reinstall the timing belt when I put everything back together I thought I was done but it didn’t start and I’m wondering if it’s because the timing is offI did not reset the timing nor move the camshaft how can I tell what’s going on

If it only overheats at idle, then you most likely just had a problem with the cooling fans.

When you did all of this work to replace the water pump, were you working from a repair manual?
Did you follow all of the procedures in it? Did the belt tensioner get set according to spec? Did you do anything at all that could have moved the crank shaft? I assume by “didn’t start” you mean it is cranking over just fine and not firing up?