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2005 sebring idle issue


I have a 2005 Chrysler Sebring. In December the timing belt failed while I was driving down the road. I had the dealership I purchased the car from replace the timing belt as well as the water pump while they were at it. Ever since I have had and issue with it vibrating at idle. At first it was making a whining noise as well. I took it back and they told me that they had installed the belt too tight. Afterwards I still had an idle issue although the vibration was a little different. I also could distinctly hear the belt hitting the casing a few times. I took it back again and they stated that the belt had been put on too loose. So now they have adjusted the belt again and it I am no longer having the whining or belt hitting the casing. But I still have an idle issue. It has changed again and is kind of a pulsing vibration. I can feel it in the brake pedal when I am at stops. I seem to hear the pulsing while driving as well but this may be from my new tires as well.

During this whole readjustment process they have not mentioned actually checking the timing. Just the belt tension itself. When I first reported the idle issue after they put the timing belt and water pump on they told me that it could not be related to timing and that it had to be an ignition issue. But I asked a work associate who used to work as a mechanic and he stated that it would be a timing issue.

I am going to contact the dealership and ask them to check the timing belt again but I would like some advise to see if this the right track.

I never had this idle issue before the new timing belt.

I don’t believe that your car’s ignition timing is adjustable, so I assume that you are referring to valve timing when you talk about “a timing issue”. With that being said, I think it is very possible that your rough idle problem is a valve timing issue, and bad valve timing would be the result from a timing belt that was installed “off” by a gear tooth or two.

When you consider how badly the dealership apparently botched the tensioner issue when installing the belt, it is entirely conceivable that the belt was installed “off” by a gear tooth or two. I really have to wonder about the competence of the mechanic(s) at that dealership.

I had read similar but my dealership swears the timing is right. obviously not necessarily a trustworthy source. now from what I read when this happens you either get too much clearance or not enough. given my description could you hazard a guess as to which and are my valves in any danger?

In order to do the timing belt the front engine mounts have to be removed. On many of the chyslers there is also a very specific procedure involved in adjusting the mounts when they are re-installed (in addition to hoping that the mounts weren’t damaged and were torqued down properly). Often the engine/transmission basically hang front and back on two main mounts, and then are secured front to back with torque struts. It is adjusting the torque struts that is important.

I have no idea if this applies on an '05 Sebring. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it does. You might ask about that.

I will consult my breakdown manual tonight. I talked to a local Chrysler dealership about the mounts yesterday after your reply and he did not believe it would be mounts but I completely spaced asking about the torque struts.