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1996 Chrysler/Dodge Neon Engine loses power when accelerating

Well, my last post was incorrect. Turns out the crank shaft position sensor only fixed the cars ability to start and stop and did not cure the acceleration issue.
What happens?
The symptoms occur during the following conditions.

  1. Hard acceleration
  2. Going up hills
  3. With heavy loads

Basically the car loses power and sounds like it is getting muffled. Then it just picks up rapidly and takes off.
I have tested out the throttle position sensor and it checks out fine.

The car never completely stops.
If I feather the throttle, it picks up and keeps moving forward.

Just thought I’d get things back and posted again to get some help.
Haven’t tried the EGR valve, fuel filter or fuel pump.

Strange thing though.
The car was sitting for about two months until I replaced the crank shaft position sensor. Then it started up fine, and ran without problems.
The tank went low, and I filled it with gas.
AFter that, the car started having problems.
The only thing I can think of is two things.

  1. When I filled it up is raised sediment and somehow clogged something.
  2. The excessive pressure in the tank is causing issues.

Someone help.

Thanks for the update.