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1996 Chevy Lumina - recent radiator replacement, brake & high heat problems

I just had my radiator, water, pump, and manifold gasket replaced. In the five minutes between the shop & my house the engine started reving abnormally high and vroom, vrooming in a chugging manner. The brakes then barely worked enough for me to stop the car and the engine temperature had skyrocketed. Other than a low coolant light the car had been operating perfectly prior to visiting the mechanic.

Is this normal behavior and what should I do get the problem corrected?

Any advice is welcome.

This is not normal. Bring it back to the shop that did the work and have them fix it. If it is overheating don’t delay because it could cause serious damage to the engine.

In fact call the shop, tell them what’s going on and make them tow it to their shop.

Don’t drive the car. Period. The mechanics job is incomplete, to say the least.