1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo w/3.1 engine revs to 2000 RPM & stalls

Dome and map lights used to dim and go out when I use the Viper remote to lock or and unlock doors.Also a few weeks ago on start up the engine started to rev to 1500 RPM without toughing the gas pedal then droped to idle and ran fine.Then about a week ago on start up it would rev to about 1700 RPM and drop to idle and ran fine.After the dome and map lights completely ran down the battery,it starts then revs to 2000 RPM then stalls e very time. It’s a new battery and I had it charged and it tested fine.

How long have you owned the car?
Is the remote system new?
Did you install it?

These things sound typical of the type of problems associated with aftermarket systems crimped into existing modern car start (security system) circuitry. And they can be impossible to fix. Honestly, I’d suggest removing the system.

If it was installed professionally and was not doing this prior to installationn, I’d bring it back and let them try to figure out what’s wrong.

I don’t in any way make a connection between your drivability problem and the car alarm,perhaps I am missing a key piece of dats.

Is your advise free ? Recently the dome light switch was left on and it ran the batterry down. The fast idle problem started about a month ago.Normally it fast idled at about 1100 RPM then one morning in the summer it changed to 1300 RPM then a few weeks later it changed to 1500 RPM then a week later to 17090 RPM and after the battery was run down it now revs to 2000 RPM but now it stalls out right away.It didn’d use to stall.

Are you promoting an idea of a “idle relearn” problem? OBD1 cars showed this sympton for qbout 10 min (after a battery disconnect. I have never seeen even a hint of such a severe idle relearn problem espically on a OBD2 car. Yes its free.

I looked it up in a Haynes manual and it gives me the impression that it’s an OBD2.The old battery ran dead several times before and after charging it I pushed the valet button under the left side of the dash and played with the remote control to stop the alarm and then the car ran fine.

I would consider the possibility that the two things are coincidental and that what you’ve been watching happen is your idle air control (IAC) valve gone wacky. This could be a problem in its wiring/circuitry or problem with the valve/motor itself. In the end that is the thing that should be controlling your idle speed. If you give it a little gas will it keep running rather than stalling? (The open throttle would allow some air thru if the valve is not).

Since you have the Haynes I’d at least check out the motor & harness as per the voltage & resistance specs.

I believe everything made from '96 on is OBD II.

Thanks and I think I’ll try a new IAC valve like you just said then tow it somewhere so some elderly people next door are not alarmed by the Viper alarm again.Is there a way to hook the battery back up without setting the alarm off ???
I understand that the TPS (Throttle Positioning Sensor}if gone bad could cause the injectors to surge would this cause the same symtoms or not ?

Yes I tryed positioning the gas pedal at different places and at one time it revved to 4000 RPM so I let it shut off by removing my foot from the pedal.

Yes I tryed different positions of the gas pedal and it revved to 4000 RPM so I took my foot off the pedal and let it stall.

Normally these sorts of idle problems can be traced to the IAC circuit, as Cigroler suggested. And, as he pointed out, the car has an OBDII system. Have you tried having the computer checked for stored codes?

It’s the other problems that made me suggest the alarm system. Lights dimming and going out when you use the Viper remote, the lights running down the battery, things like that. And I find myself wondering of the lights aren’t the only thing seeing reduced voltages and that’s at the source of the idle problems.

I’m still curious as to whether the Viper system is new and the problems began with the system. Can you provide any insight to this?

I left the dome light on and that’s why the lights didn’t dim and go out when I locked and unlocked the doors with the Viper remote control.As you already know the same switch that dims the dash lights also controls the dome light. I was having pain from medical problems and didn’t notice the switch was left on.

The Alarm system was working fine when I bought it from a used car dealer but there must be a way to stop it from going off when connecting and disconnecting the battery.There is a button underneath the dash and after being released from the ICU at the hospital my ex son in law pushed it in either before or after connecting the battery.So it could be just fine but I think there is a sequence used to connect and disconnect.There also is a radio alarm and according to the owners manual it is factory.I’ll be out there looking it over soon,it’s medical problems is why I don’t get back to you sometimes in a couple of days.