1995 vw eurovan auto transmission

I had a small chirp noise in my Van when it shifts into 4th gear. Took it into United transmissions for a total rebuild. First rebuild had the same noise so they did it again and it came back with the same noise.at that point they gave me my $2500. Back and said they don’t know what it is. I can find no one in this state that will rebuild the Tranny. I an in NM any one have an idea?


I would have someone take a close look at the engine and transmission mounts. Although an engine transmission mount problem should show up on all shifts, stranger things have happened.

Another area to look at is the accessory belt(s) as the change in engine speed RPM speed may be the culprit.

Probably not good advice but if it was me and I had what appears to be a transmission rebuild for free I would just live with the chirp. Assuming that chirp is all that you hear.

Have you posted this on the VW forum web sites (VWVortex, thesamaba, etc.)?

A small chirp going into 4th gear on a 22 year old car bothers you #2500 dollars worth?

If there are any u-joints or cv-joints in the area of the chirp, that’s something to check. One time my truck’s driveline u-joint developed a chirp most easily heard at low speeds, and it just needed a lube. Eventually it needed the u-joint replaced too.