1995 Toyota Camry-Radio/Clock/Cigarette Lighter stopped working


My 1995 Toytal Camry’ radio and clock display and cigarette lighter suddenly stopped working. I’ve cheked the fuses and they are all okay. What else cold it be?


Regardless of how it looks, replace the fuse for the lighter. There may be more than one lighter and more than one fuse.


thanks, i’ll try that.


It’s the fuse, always the fuse. But you have more than one fuse box. You have to find the right fuse box, the right fuse.


I think Steve is right, but I would not rule out a bad ground. Assuming the lighter is in the front seat area, they all could share a common ground cable.


[b]All the circuits that aren’t working operate without the ignition switch having to be on. So, if the fuses check out OK, find out if these circuits have a common fusible link.

A fusible link is a wire that comes off the battery that has a fat section in it. the fat section is the fusible link. This is basically a primary fuse that protects multiple circuits that the battery supplies power to.