1995 taurus

This is bizarre. I had a broken dipstick tube on my Taurus (3.8LV6). Got the broken end out with no problem. Got another dipstick tube and now I can’t find the deleted hole in the oil pan to put in the new tube. Is there a diagram of this location available?

Go to http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/index.php?act=portal. The Taurus Club of America is an active forum of Taurus owners and you should get your information quickly. Technicians often post replies.

It might be in the side of the engine block.

It WAS in the block - I couldn’t see it behind the catalytic onverter (this is what happens when you let a week go by between two stages of a repair…you forget what you were doing).

Thanks a million, you saved my life. : )