2000 Ford Expedition Dipstick Tube



I had just changed the oil in the Excursion and barring a minor issue where the drain plug thread was stripped (a replacement was purchased quickly and cheaply), had successfully completed the task and reached up to use the dipstick to check the oil level.

I had a problem finding it at first, until I realized it had been ‘tucked’ or lodged behind the brake fluid reservoir. When I took hold of the dipstick end I realized it was wiggling quite loosely, and upon pulling, a portion of the dipstick tube came away with the dipstick.

About 10-12 inches came away, and it looks like it broke away from a support bracket (the rest of the tube can be seen disappearing into the distance). Apart from some ‘ribbing’ from my wife (since I not only stripped the drain plug but ALSO broke the tube!) we contacted the local NAPA parts store, and have them checking for a replacement.

They told us we could fashion a short-term repair since it shouldn’t get too hot there and isn’t under much pressure.

Question, how easy is it to replace this tube? Could I do it myself? (Assuming my wife let’s me near her truck any more?) Or is it going to be a mechanic’s job, increasing the cost exponentially?

Please help! Thanks!!