1995 s10 blazer ac compresser

i have a 95 s10 blazer 4.3 v6 motor have put 3 reman. ac compressers and 3 acumulators and 3 orifice filters every time i replace the oil and r134 coolant every time the compressers lock up with in a mile when i turn the ac on help me am i not doin something right? i am at witts end !!!

Is the orfice tube filter clogged each time? Have you flushed the condensor and evaporator after each failure? Are you still getting debris coming out during the flushes? Are the defective compressors still locked up after they have been removed? What are the high and low pressure readings when you fill the system? You are putting the oil into the compressor?

With a clean system; a steady evacuation; the correct weight of oil; and the correct weight of R134, there should be no problems. Let us know more and what you find that corrects this problem.