1995 s10 blazer ac compresser

i have a 95 s10 blazer 4.3 v6 motori have put 3 reman. ac compressers and 3 acumulators and 3 orifice filters every time i raplace the oil and r134 coolantevery time the compressers lock up with in a mile whwn i turn the on helpme am i not doin something right? i am at wits end !!!

Don’t know much about it but anytime a compressor has been replaced, the whole system has been flushed with the flushing kit. Maybe try a known good used one instead if the remans are of poor quality. But there is alway junk in the lines throughout the system when a compressor fails, and flushing is not cheap due to the chemical used.

Are your orfice tube screens showing debris on the screens?Describe your charging procedure,I will tell you if problem is with your technique or equipment.How much oil are you putting in TOTAL.How are you putting the oil in? What brand are your remans? Any directions in regards to oiling the compressor comming with the compressors?