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1995 Ranger manual trans

The manual transmission in this truck makes it near impossible to adjust the clutch. Is there a retrofit kit that makes this adjustment easier? Would a transmission from a different year Ranger or Mazda be a better option? Has anyone come up with a jury rig that makes the adjustment simpler? I can’t push the pedal down far enough to make the clutch completely let go. Clutch doesn’t slip, it’s rather new.

What clutch adjustment are you looking to do? I believe your clutch has the dreaded all in one clutch slave, throwout bearing rig…I HATE those. I still dont know what you are trying to do. Caddy is correct…no adjustment possible, which is why I am asking what you are trying to do sir. Let us know.

With these hydraulic clutches, there is no adjustment…Sometimes aftermarket parts don’t work like you hoped they would…

I am aware that there is no adjustment in this model, that is the problem I would like to fix. The adjustment that needs doing is the point at which the clutch has let go completely allowing the gears to be changed. On most manuals there is an adjuster of some sort, on this Ford there isn’t. Right now there isn’t enough travel in the pedal to completely release the clutch. If the hydraulic system is carefully bled of all air (a difficult task) the clutch can be made to work decently for a while until it leaks a tiny bit of fluid again.
So again; is there an aftermarket setup to ADD an adjuster? Will a different model of transmission with an adjustable clutch fit this truck?

Push the clutch down and sidestep it a few times, engine not running. Just push it to the floor and slide your foot off of it, allowing it to spring back up. This is the only way to get a decent clutch feel out of these clutches. Just bleeding it won’t work. I know it sounds detrimental, but this is what you have to do to get it to work right.