•●°○i need help○°●•

Hi all
Im just wanting an answer I have a 2003 Ford Escape xlt wagon recently it ran out of fuel
And now its taking longer to kick over (start)
What should I do…

Anybody ??? :slight_smile:

Have the fuel pressure looked at. Running out of fuel means running the pump dry. This is bad because the fuel lubricates the pump and keeps it cool. Running dry allows for accelerated wear and damage due to heat. You may need a new pump soon.

Is it starting at all? When (if) it does, does it run normally?

Is it running yet? Some cars you need to cycle the fuel pump several times to get fuel to the motor. You cycle by turning the key on for 5 seconds then off, then for on for 5 seconds etc.

Thanx guys much appreciated. . :heart:

Assuming the fuel tank is now full, but remains hard to start, suspect the fuel pump was damaged when it ran out of gas. Another possibility is the cat. If the fuel pump is ok, the fuel rail pressure checks out ok, have the cat back pressure measured.

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